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    Acer works with market
    leading software

Internet of Things (IoT)

Acer Control Systems Limited work with market leading control software.

As well as 25 years experince with Industrial Software systems such as Allen Bradley, Rockwell Automation, Beckhoff, Siemens, Mitsibushi, Wago, Acer Controls also provide software to integrate modern IoT (Internet of Things) into industrial control systems.

Industrial grade Single Board Computing : CE & UL Compliance

Over the last 10 years, advances in IoT has driven a huge increase in the availability of various Single board computers (SBC). Common examples are RaspberryPI, Arduino, nVidia Jetson.

SBCs are commonly used by educational organisations as an introduction to software and machine programming.

The potential number of uses for SBCs is almost infinite but industrial control systems must be safe, reliable and fit for purpose.

Acer Control Systems has a number of solutions using SBCs and IoT modules that are ruggedised and certified for use in industry. The equipment we supply is both CE marked and UL rated.

We use ruggedised SBCs for a number of bespoke applications, most commonly as gateways between industrial networks.

Web-based remote view of SCADA&HMI systems

We use MQTT as secure, reliable means of sharing live data from various PLC & SCADA systems.

The data is received by our servers using 4G/5G routers ensuring that all users can view the site systems in real time without having to connect to the site directly.