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  • SMS/email/voice alarms to remote team
    Dedicated remote HMI/SCADA via web
    Ideal for un-manned remote sites

Realtime Remote Monitoring

Remote System Monitoring

Using the bundled web server systems from the major vendors are often prohibitively expensive and come with very limited functionality.

We have a well-proven, reliable system that allows us to present your process as a web page hosted on a dedicated remote server. We take the data from any PLC, SCADA, BMS system and present it to your employees & customers on a website that can be viewed from any browser. The data can be abstracted from the on-site system in a number of different ways, in parallel & simultaneously, to guarantee 100% uptime.

The data is collected from the on-site control system and sent out to a remote server using an MQTT 5G router, HTTP POST or email. These one-way methods provide security and ensures that on-site control systems can be isolated from the internet external connections and all of the security risks that come with them. No need to hack your IT firewalls; no need for VPN connections to the site network.

You will be given administrive controls of all users and permissions so that you can control who can see what and when.

Remote Data Charts, Trending and Reporting

We understand how critical operating data can be. All operating data and alarms will be securely stored and archived. Your team can then set up bespoke datalogs, charts, graphs & trends to present any and all data in a format that suits their individual needs. The site will then store all user settings and configuration so that they only have to set things up once - the next time they log in, their configured datalogs and charts will be waiting. There will always be the option to download the selected data for use with external spreadsheets and databases etc.

Our system allows users to select any data combinations for automated reporting. This could be shift totals, three times a day; crucial metering data every hour. The user just has to select what data to send, how often to do it and who to send it to.

Remote Operations Alarm Notifcations

A number of our client's installations are 24/7 systems that are un-manned for long periods of time, serviced by a local on-call operations team.

Acer Control Systems can easily install an alarm relay service so that any situations developing on site are promptly passed to an on call operations team.

We send alarms via a user friendly, customisable interface using email, SMS & voicecall systems. There is the option of Operator interaction so that confimation SMS/email is required from recipients - any alarms that are not acknowledged by the recipient will automatically trigger an escalation to the next, designated Operator or Supervisor.